About our home page images

We’re so lucky to be located in one of the most beautiful parts of the United States—the Pacific Northwest. We decided to showcase some of this beauty on our home page. All of our home page images are shown below, along with more information about them.

Some of the images below were made by others, are used with permission, and are properly attributed. Our use of these images does not constitute any endorsement of or connection to Ace10 Technologies’ products or services by their original authors.

Columbia River Gorge

The scenic Columbia River Gorge offers dramatic views and excellent recreational activities—both of which are much needed and appreciated by those of us sitting inside working on computers all day (and sometimes at night).

Source: Own Work · Read more about the Columbia River Gorge

Oregon coastline looking south from Ecola State Park

This shot of the Oregon coastline, taken from Ecola State Park, shows off our scenic and beautiful coastline. Haystack Rock is visible at the top-right of the image.

Source: ‘The Oregon coastline looking south from Ecola State Park’ by Cacophony

The Hawthorne Bridge and Portland’s Skyline

Our offices are just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the largest city in Oregon—Portland. The Portland metropolitan area is a great place for our business; the area is known for being conscious of the environment and having progressive attitudes—things we consider to be very important for running a company in this day and age. We strive to be green, and we welcome everyone.

Source: ‘The skyline of Portland, Oregon looking west from the Hawthorne Bridge’ by Fcb981

Tilikum Crossing, Bridge of the People

The newest bridge across the Willamette River, Tilikum Crossing, Bridge of the People, opened in September 2015, and is the newest bridge across the river in the Portland metropolitan area since 1973. It is unique in that it does not carry private vehicles (except emergency vehicles)—it is for transit, bicycles, and pedestrians only. It also offers spectacular views of the river, downtown Portland, and the surrounding area.

Source: ‘Tilikum Crossing Jan 2015’ by MojaveNC